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Blue Fruit Step Industry Context
2023 China Nutrition and Health Industry Forum of Formula Food for Special Medical Use was held in Beijing
Published in Shanghai 2022-01-12
Lead the better solution of tumor nutrition | 17/5000 翻译 The grand opening of the 11th National Cancer Nutrition Conference
Published in Shanghai 2022-01-12
The 29th National Cancer Prevention and Control Publicity Week public welfare activities, blue fruit in action
Cancer prevention and control has always been an important issue of national health, according to the World Health Organization's International Cancer Research Center (IARC) released the latest global cancer data in 2021, in 2020, China's new cancer cases...
Languo Medical was invited to participate in 2023 Clinical Nutrition Innovation Development Conference & Clinical Application of Formula food for Special Medical Use 2023 Academic annual meeting
On June 18, the 2023 Clinical Nutrition Practice Skills Training Course and Clinical Nutrition Innovation Conference hosted by the Chinese Nutrition Society Clinical Nutrition Branch, Zhongguancun Cancer Minimally invasive Treatment industry Technology In...
The expert consensus on nutrition management of cancer patients during convalescence was released in 2022
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