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Fully tap into the power of food and improve individual quality of life
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Blue Regale Medical Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. focuses on the scientific research, production and sales of formula foods for special medical purposes and international top innovative nutritional products. It is an innovative technology enterprise integrating professional nutritional diagnosis and service. Languo China has established large-scale special medical industry production bases in Qingdao and Kunshan respectively, with high-tech and intelligent production workshops and international standardized laboratories with full nutrition testing capacity. Products include total nutrition, specific total nutrition and non total nutrition.
Bluefruit medical is committed to helping people pursue a healthier life and future by providing medical nutrition to consumers, patients and professional medical staff, covering the whole process from prevention to treatment

Mr. Peng Qihui CEO
“We hope to fully tap into the power of specialty medical foods and improve the quality of life for every individual. Whether in the present or future, the significance of specialty medical foods for patients lies not only in meeting specific nutritional needs, but also in providing people with better quality of life and expectations.”
r&d team
A food and nutrition research and development team led by academicians
Management team
A high-level production and quality management team in the industry
Software and hardware advantages
Relying on the strong software and hardware advantages of the National Marine Food engineering Technology Research Center
University cooperation
Establish deep cooperation with Jiangnan University, Sun Yat-sen University and other universities
Focused on specialized medicine
Focusing on the research of specialized medical industry chain products, suitable for various clinical departments
Expert Team
Development history
May 2019 Blue Fruit Medical Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
Follow the times and strive to be the first
Putting Technology First, Developing and Creating Simultaneously
Blue Fruit adheres to setting a benchmark with technology, promoting development with innovation, and is dedicated to self researching and building Blue Fruit Power. At present, Bluefruit Medical has obtained 4 invention and design patents and submitted multiple patent and trademark approvals, covering multiple fields such as production processes, food formulas, and appearance design.
Creation of Medical Nutrition Specialty
Nutrient efficacy parity technology platform
Precision nutrition Big data analysis platform
Blue Fruit Clinical Nutrition Professional Application Training Platform
Professional physicians and nutritional consultation platforms for chronic disease management
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